Looking ahead

You know something?

I love photography, I mean I REALLY love it. But I also find it SO incredibly frustrating because I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing with it.

Society today would have you believe you have to share constantly online, fuel the feeds so to speak. Plus, if you have an ounce of skill with your art and AREN’T pushing the hustle and trying to make money… well then you are somehow doing things wrong also.

Maybe I’m just starting to feel “too old for the games”… maybe I’m simply not sure what I WANT to do when it comes to my photography.

Which makes looking forward to the next year, planning goals and all of that nonsense, pretty difficult.

You know where I’m coming from?

To be perfectly honest, the last 6-8 months I’ve been so focused on the new projects in the podcast space that I’ve been working on that photography has kind of taken a back seat.

My favorite time of year, autumn, and because I was busy with a huge project at home I got out for basically one good day of shooting before it was over. So far this winter I’ve had basically a solid 3-6 hours of shooting that were actually productive. It’s like I’m just not feeling the photography muse at the moment.

Unsurprisingly, I HAVE been exploring a number of OTHER creative pursuits, from drawing to woodworking, making to podcasting, and finally getting back to taking time for myself to just chill with a good book or watch some amazing films… not to mention the writing I’ve been doing for that big mystery podcast project that will be coming VERY soon.

I’m not in a creative slump.

It’s more of photography, that thing that has been such a HUGE, identifying creative outlet for me for so many years, has suddenly gone a bit stale for me and is now resting for a bit while I explore other ideas and paths.

I have no doubt I’ll still create photos as often as I can, I just can’t help feeling pulled to have the camera in my hand. But I find myself in a weird place all of a sudden where I have no idea what’s coming next.

Maybe I’m just finally hitting the “zone out” stage that many of my photographer friends had been hitting through all of this never-ending Covid lockdown nightmare. I know a lot of people that hit a wall of sorts at some point over the last year, eventually rebounding out of it. Sometimes coming out renewed in their original purpose, other times emerging a totally different person with their artistic priorities.

Who knows, no sense worrying about it. All I can do is ride out the waves and see how I come out the other side.

All this to say that not all is just doom and gloom, uncertainty and anxiety. There are a few things I DO know.

I want to find a way to utilize this space more than I have been. One of the ways I may attempt that was influenced by a friend jumping into a “Publish365” project. The goal there is to simply publish one new piece of content on his site every day for the next year. I’ll be honest, I can’t commit to daily posts.

I have too much going on at the moment between family, work, and then all the creative pursuits (podcasting, photography, writing, drawing, woodworking, blah, blah, blah), so finding time to sit down at the computer and write something every day here is something I know I’d lose steam on within a week or two.

Part of the reason is because I’ve always treated this website as a place for only sharing my photography work, thoughts on photography and process, photo gear/software reviews, etc..

Which is why another thing I DO know is that I’m goin to start posting more regularly here, but those posts are going to be not ONLY photography. Sure they will likely all contain at least ONE photo I’ve made, but maybe I’ll talk about books I’m reading, maybe I’ll share original writings, maybe I’ll show off some woodworking stuff I’m experimenting with, drawings, discuss music I’m digging, and… well… you get the idea.

It’s time for USUALLY DAVE the website to become more about ALL that is Usually Dave and not just the one small part of what fuels my creativity.

Like many, I’ve grown fatigued with the game of social media and have long been an advocate of having(and USING) your own website. So this is it.

You’ve been warned.

Let the FULL me, weirdness, random idea loving, creative explorer and all, come out to play here on the site which bears my name.

I do hope you guys enjoy what this journey brings, I wish I had an idea where it was headed, but I think it will be fun.

Of course I understand if the course change causes some of you to get off at the next stop, but I thank you for hanging out with me as long as you’ve felt was worthwhile.

I’ve been thinking about this ornament my wife gifted me for Christmas this year, it says Capture the Moment. I know it’s in reference to photography… but why do I need to stop capturing the moment with all that I love outside of photography?

After many hours spent thinking about this ornament I realize that to Capture the Moment can also pertain to taking time to capture, and more importantly LIVE, life and ALL of the various creative outlets I enjoy exploring.

Sharing ALL of those explorations here on the site is my way of capturing the moments of ALL of my creative life. So I guess, welcome to the world of Usually Dave and cheers to finding the positive in 2021.

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