I’m ashamed to admit this. As a photographer it’s pretty egregious.

This weekend I sat down at my computer and emptied the memory cards on my cameras for the first time in a while.

I mean QUITE a while… as in there were photos from LAST YEAR at this time on the one camera still.

But, I have to say, it was really an interesting feeling. Being so disconnected from the moment of creating the photographs let me view the photos through a different lens, with a different perspective.

And having the cards all cleared and formatted again was a revitalizing feeling of “Starting Fresh”.

These are a few favorites from last winter that I made while exploring the outskirts of a few different small towns here in Northern Minnesota.

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2 thoughts on “Winter On The Outskirts

  1. Gary Quinn says:

    If I’ve had ‘a daytrip’ I might upload the cards contents that night. The rest of the time I may be shooting something every day but the card doesn’t get looked at for about a week at a time. I learned that patience shooting lots of film over the last two years. Although the film gear is all gone I’m happy to keep that delayed gratification.

    1. Absolutely makes sense. However I think I took it a little TOO extreme by letting things sit there for a full year! hahaha

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