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Today marks the official release of the season finale of Mystery Minnesota and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that’s it’s over.

If you aren’t aware of what Mystery Minnesota is, head over to the website of AIC Stories (aicpod.com) and give it a listen there.

About a year ago I had an idea to try something I’d never done before, create an original fiction podcast from a story I imagined and created all on my own. I’ve got a lot of excellent “family folklore” and stories I’ve grown up with and decided that I was going to take those small nuggets of ideas and use them to create a fully fictional series of stories that I could tell in audio form.

Thus, Mystery Minnesota was born.

To say that I didn’t give it much thought and dove in without hesitating would be an understatement. Almost immediately I had sat down and plotted out which of the family tall tales would be used and I knew I had to start with the Legend of Old Zeke.

So I got busy writing, then re-writing, and finally dove into the voicework and production end of things. I waited to release this first season until I had all of season one completed and ready to go and also had season two first draft written.

When it came time to finally launch the show and release my very first story out into the world, I did it with blinders on and just took a deep breath and said here we go before I jumped off that cliff and released it to the wild.

Through the season release I’ve held my breath, hoping people are enjoying it and now that the first season is fully released into the wild I finally feel like I can take a small breath and relax before I jump into the release of season two very shortly.

By and large, feedback has been good even though there really hasn’t been too many that have reached out to say anything. And I’ll take that.

Of course, as with any creative project, once we release it we have to push past the desire to pick out all of our flaws and mistakes. It’s out there in the world now so no changing it. All I can do now is learn and get better in the next few seasons before this story is fully wrapped.

It’s been a fun and terrifying experience and I hope you guys have enjoyed the story of season one as much as I did creating it for you!

I can’t wait to take the next deep breath and make the leap once again with the release of the next season.

To all of you that have supported me so far and those that have been listening and enjoying the journey into Mystery Minnesota, you have my sincere gratitude and appreciation!

Thanks for taking time to join me on this journey!

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