On seasons, transitions, and nature

If you’ve followed me here for any length of time, you’ll know I have a huge affinity for the power of being in nature. I was raised in far northern Minnesota, a “country” kid, that spent more time in the woods than I ever spent “in town” or even in church for that matter.

I saw a quote today that really struck a chord, especially as I noticed this weekend how the Summer is quickly fading and Fall fast approaches. The air feels different, it’s getting that crisp and refreshing feeling, the leaves are beginning to change, and wildlife is starting to shift patterns away from the heat of summer and into those fall “Oh shit, Winter is coming I better bulk up some before the snow flies” eating patterns. Change is, literally, in the air.

As amazing as that is, as much as I LOVE this time of year, this quote hit me in the sense that I’ve ALWAYS felt like MY church was there in nature. One with God’s great creations surrounding me.

It’s where I can most freely talk with God and welcome him into my heart fully. And with the anxiety of a world that seems to have gone mad all around us currently, THAT is something I very much need right now.

So I took my camera out for a little bit of a walk on some familiar trails over the weekend and opened my heart once again to God as I enjoyed the beauty of the wilderness around me.

Then this morning I saw this quote from a guy named J. Drew Lanham and his book “The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature“.

“As I wander into the predawn dark of an autumn wood, I feel the presence of things beyond flesh, bone, and blood. My being expands to fit the limitlessness of the wild world.”

J. Drew Lanham

The quote popped up in my Twitter feed from the always AMAZING Brain Pickings website that I HIGHLY recommend you go bookmark and follow. It’s a true treasure trove of information and thoughts to mull over in the craziness of today’s world. This is the article the above quote was from, if you’d like to read it.

I love the section at the end, how he feels himself expand to fit the wild world around him. I’ve felt this every time I step foot in the woods, every time nature invites me in for a visit. The right words have never found my tongue, but this quote… this is very close to the feeling.

Nature connects us with something larger. Centers us. Brings us… brings me… comfort and peace.

And I need more of it.

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