If I’m not here writing and sharing photography related goodness here on this site you can find me every week over on my podcast, digitalSoup, where I have great conversations geeking out with two of my best friends!

You can also find me each week on my own podcast, Adventures in Creativity, discussing all sorts of different aspects of the world of creativity and being a creative person. It’s a weekly show fueled by conversations and curiosity!

From time to time I get out of my little corner of the internet and join others in various public forms. Most often it’s in the form of a guest on other podcasts, however I have had a few occasions to have work published or in a gallery showing.

For your convenience, you can find all of my appearances here in one easy place! If you would like to have a conversation on your podcast, share one of my articles, have me write something for your site, or even have a gallery space you would like to hang some of my work please contact me so we can work out the details!

Podcast Guest Appearances

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac

Episode 149 : Chilling with Dave Szweduik

Episode 150 : He Said, She Said with Dave Szweduik

Episode 153 : Arting with Dave Szweduik

Episode 154 : Arting with Dave Szweduik & Bryan Minear 

Episode 159 : Brand Whoring with Dave Szweduik

Episode 160 : Photographic Thumbprints with Dave Szweduik

Episode 162 : Renee Robyn

Episode 172 : Making a Splash and Giving It Away for Free

Episode 173 : Splish Splash : The Saga Continues



Episode 189 »» Boys Night with Bryan Minear and Usually Happy Dave

Episode 192 »» Smugs, Sidnados and Voices with Dave Szweduik

Episode 198 »» Is It Worth Learning Different Styles of Photography?

Episode 201 »» What Can Photography Bring Us with Bryan and Dave

Street Shots Podcast – A Switch2Manual Production w/ Antonio M Rosario

Street Shots Episode 71 – “The Write Stuff”

Street Shots Episode 98(?) – “Cinematic”

Street Shots Episode 100 – The Unusual Suspects

Because We Make with Vincent Ferrari

Episode 1 : David Szweduik

Episode 25: The Return of Dave Szweduik

Episode 50: Adventures in Digital Soup With Dave Szweduik

We The Creators Podcast with Bryan Minear

Episode 5 : Tapping into an unlimited supply of creative energy with David Szweduik

Publications & Exhibitions

Minnesota Discovery Center – Iron Range Photographers Guild (IRPG) Exhibit, Aug. 2010

Iron Range Visitors Guide – 2010 and 2011 issues

Medium Format Magazine – April 2019 issue