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Adventures in Creativity:

My weekly podcast in which I discuss anything and everything dealing with the world of creativity. Be it light-hearted discussions about the creative process, deeper dives about the struggles creatives face, conversations with other creatives doing amazing things, or even just a conversation with you – one on one – about the interesting and awesome things I’m currently inspired by. There is one certainty with this show, it’s not a “NORMAL” creativity discussion, it’s fueled by conversations and curiosity! Let’s go on an adventure!

Creativity & Process :

With discussions about the craft of photography, inspiration, thoughts about the practice of creativity and living a creative life, these are the articles sharing nothing but my honest thoughts and ideas about the world of all things creative!

Visual Explorations:

In which I share what has been capturing my eye lately, photo essays, collections and a few words about whatever the project or exploration entailed.

Reviews & Recommendations:

Here you’ll find occasional reviews of gear, software, apps, and services of the things I use and am in to. More often you’ll find articles in which I curate some of the things I’ve been enjoying, from other photographers work, books, movies, podcasts,etc. that I’ve been finding either inspirational or simply enjoyable. They are things I’m sharing because I enjoy them and I think you will too!

Education & Technique:

Occasionally I’ll do a bit of writing to share some different educational or technique related material. Even though I really should do more of this, I do love paying it forward and passing on any knowledge I’ve been able to learn over my years as a photographer and creative!

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